The Terms And Conditions Of Denimsandjeans VIrtual

Terms and Conditions of Registration

Denimsandjeans is a pioneer resource provider for the global denim industry. The website itself is visited by hundreds of thousands visitors globally and a large number of denim professionals are connected to us . This enables us to keep abreast of latest developments in the industry..

About these Terms

  1. To pursue its goals, Denimsandjeans operates a communication web site devised to offer participation in Denim and Sportswear supply Chain Trade Show Both Offline and Online. The Website is available at
  2. The Website has a Public Area which is accessible to all visitors . The Public Area offers information about the Exhibitors creating booths for showcasing the products and one to one communication. It also offers an Online Showroom Access at The Website gives ou the access to the Denimsandjeans Online Trade Show which is available to Users who are registered and are approved by the admin.This information is confidential and user's data is encrypted and secured and will not be shared outside the organisation.However, the exhibitors who are participating and are visited by customers will be shared the basic profile data so that they can contact these visitors.
  3. The Website also allows Users to subscribe to news and updates without registering as a Member. Subscribing to news and updates will give you access to the blog
  4. Registration and subscription take place via a dedicated online form on the Website.
  5. These Terms and Conditions of Registration establish the conditions of registration and access to the Denimsandjeans Virtual trade Show. A user shall expressly accept these Terms on registration and is bound to comply with them.
  6. Denimsandjeans reserves the right to amend the present Terms at any time and without prior notice and shall inform users of such amendments via mails. Users shall accept such amendments by checking the appropriate checkbox.


  1. Registration is open and free to all natural persons who have an interest in the Denimsandjeans Supply Chain.
  2. Each User shall only register once.
  3. The User shall register online to become a part of Virtual Show.
  4. By registering with Denimsandjeans, the User accepts that most communications with Denimsandjeans and its participantion will take place online.
  5. It is the User's responsibility to make sure that she/he has sufficient access to Internet to participate to the activities at the desired extent.
  6. Denimsandjeans screens registration applications and reserves itself the right to reject a registration without stating the reasons.
  7. Denimsandjeans have access to a notification preferences page where they can define their preferences for the notifications sent to them by email. They have access to the User Details and can participate in the various activities that are open to User, depending on their role as a Visitor or not and their activities in the Online Show.
  8. Upon registration, Users are required to supply their name, company email address, activties , company name and designation as compulsory information.
  9. The necessary conditions for being registered as a visitor at Denimsandjeans Virtual Show at any moment in time are:
    • Have a role in the buying activity in the denim supply chain.
    • Have a valid official company email ID.
  10. Users vouch that data supplied on registration are true and complete, and that they are kept up-to-date after registration. In particular, users registered as buyers who do not fulfill the necessary conditions for being registered as buyers anymore must change their registration accordingly.
  11. It is expressly forbidden to place accounts at the disposal of third parties and to disclose access details to third parties.
  12. For technical reasons, Denimsandjeans cannot establish with certainty whether a registered User really is the person he/she claims to be. Denimsandjeans shall therefore provide no guarantee as to Users's true identities. User shall therefore be responsible for verifying other User's identities and shall contact Denimsandjeans in cases of suspicion.
  13. Registration as a Visitor results in a contractual relationship (usage contract) between Denimsandjeans and the User. By accepting the Terms, they become a contract component. The user receives a personal, non-transferable right, revocable at any time, to use the contents and services provided by the Website and undertakes to comply with these Terms and the restrictions set out in them during such use.
  14. Denimsandjeans reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue individual services and/or details of the User, or all of them, at any time and without prior notice, in whole or in part. Denimsandjeans reserves the further right to limit or deny access to individual or all services, without prior notice at any time.

Participation in the Virtual Show

  1. Visitors of the Denimsandjeans Virtual Show are entitled to all regular accesses. They can contact the Exhibitors, visit their booths , enjoy the lounge and much more.
  2. USers of the Association shall be bound by and comply with the provisions of Denimsandjeans' Statutes.

Intellectual Property

  1. All intellectual rights pertaining to the Website, its software, design, contents (text, pictures, videos and other material), news, updates, notifications as well as all email notifications sent by it are ruled by Denimsandjeans Copyrights notice. Denimsandjeans Copyrights notice forms part of these Terms. By using this Website, Users indicate that they accept and comply with it.

Communicating with Denimsandjeans

  1. Communication with Denimsandjeans can be made by email or mail .
  2. The mailing address is:
    C-618 , Saraswati Vihar
    New Delhi -110034
  3. The email address for all communications concerning these Terms is: